Grandpont House


Activities: It is generally agreed that all the activities outside a student’s academic course are vital for enabling the student to flourish as an individual and to become someone who can ‘make a difference’ to the world they are soon to enter. Oxford offers a dazzling range of activities for a student to choose from, with new clubs and societies emerging each year, competing with older established ones. The richness of college life is difficult to pin down, but it is all part of the ‘Oxford experience’. Over the last six decades, Grandpont has offered a range of activities – cultural, leisure, spiritual and outreach – that complement what the colleges and the university offer. They are open as much to those living in college accommodation as to those living in the House.
Leisure:  Residents and their friends organise cycling expeditions, hikes in the nearby countryside, and excursions on the river (using the Canadian canoes and other boats the House owns).
Social Projects:  Depending upon time commitments and what is available, we encourage residents and their friends to help on social projects, such as youth clubs for local children, visiting the elderly and sick, and work camps at home or abroad.
Spiritual: The activities of a spiritual or doctrinal nature are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Series of talks and half-day conferences are held explaining aspects of Christian doctrine and its application to student, professional and family life, and the resident Opus Dei priest is available for individual spiritual guidance. There are also opportunities to attend retreats at Wickenden Manor and Thornycroft Hall. Grandpont House has its own chapel, where Mass is celebrated most days.
For information about activities at Grandpont see our calendar of events here