A historical house

Grandpont and Folly Bridge

The area within Oxford known as Grandpont takes its name from a huge causeway on forty-two arches which stretched two miles from the end of St Aldates to the bottom of Hinskey Hill; it was built in about 1080 on the site of the old ford. Most of the Thames now flows under Folly Bridge, while the smaller bridge to the east of the city was the Pettypont, now called Magdalen Bridge.

The Taunton family

Grandpont House was built in 1785 for William Elias Taunton, the Town Clerk of the city of Oxford. The Taunton family owned the house until 1847, when it was acquired by Brasenose College. [More]

Brasenose College

The property was leased out until the end of the century, and the occupiers included a town alderman and a son of the khedive of Egypt. In the twentieth century it was the residence of first the chaplain and then one of the fellows of Brasenose College. [More]

Since 1959, Netherhall Educational Association

St Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei, spent five consecutive summers in England, and was keen to see members of Opus Dei begin a centre in Oxford. He visited Grandpont House in August 1958 and the following April the house and grounds were acquired for this purpose.

Currently Grandpont House is one of several properties which is owned and operated by Netherhall Educational Association, a registered charity [www.nea.netherhall.org.uk]. [More]